The quirks of using Google Classroom: Finishing up our prototype

What’s up!

Hello everyone and welcome back!

So this week we were asked to talk about our prototypes before we hand them in. Taking a step back from our project, I can safely say that we’re done. I’m happy with the content and I’m really excited about some of the ideas we brought into the project.

Soooo excited!

Today, I will be focusing on the LMS we chose to work with: Google Classroom. I’ll be filling you in on some of my thoughts and criticisms about this platform; hopefully giving you some insight on whether or not you should use it in your own classroom or not.

After reading a couple of my classmates’ posts this week, I found it really interesting to see what types of obstacles they went through during their own process. Bill for example talks a lot about the trial and error process that goes into figuring out what types of tools he wanted to use and implement for his prototype. I think it’s a great idea to look over your options and figure out exactly what you want to gain out of your experience working with these types of tools; after all, once you start, there’s not much room to go back and restart.

Why you should always try it before you buy it

Jaymee, Roxanne and I all settled with Google Classroom without actually shopping around for another type of LMS platform. Our reasoning behind this decision was that we already use a wide range of Google apps, tools and products; using Classroom was sort of a natural and logical choice for us.

Would I use Google Classroom again in the future? Maybe… but I guess this is where Bill’s experience got me thinking about shopping around FIRST and getting to know how other platforms work BEFORE settling on a final choice.

Is that your final answer?

In reality however, this is easier said than done. Reading a few past blog posts, I noticed that Katherine has been using several different LMS’s in her actual classes. In a matter of fact, for her ELA and Psychology classes, she’s been using MOODLE and GOOGLE CLASSROOM. That’s extremely impressive, and she had a few reasons for these choices:

However, I had to think of how to set up information in an organized and fluid way, since students need to retain a lot of information. Moodle offers an online ‘binder’, where I can organize content, embed YouTube videos, and provide a place to ask questions. I also wanted an easy way to collect and give immediate feedback on assignments, so I decided to create a Google Classroom and students hand in assignments on that platform rather than Moodle.

Just from reading Kathrine’s blog post, I gained a lot of important knowledge on the pros and cons for Moodle and Classroom. If you’re wondering about these things yourself, I highly suggest reading her post, because not only is it just AWESOME, it gave me some ideas on when to use certain LMS’s.

So many ideas!

Although I am happy with our prototype, I would have liked a more visually and aesthetically pleasing LMS. I found that Google Classroom was a little boring in the way it presents information and modules. There’s little room for customization and it doesn’t really allow you to get “Wild” with anything. I feel like you should be able to just drag things around and place them wherever you want…Google Classroom definitely doesn’t allow for any of that type of maneuverability, which in my opinion is a major flaw.

Why can’t I customize!?

I’d like to attest the customizability of other LMS’s, but I simply don’t have the knowledge to back up my claims.

At one point, I must have spent about an hour copying, pasting and formatting text in my course profile to make it look as organized as possible. I aligned everything, added bold text wherever it was needed, and organized everything so that it would be easy to read and navigate through. When I hit “save” in the editing box, everything went back to this awful messy clump of text. What a waste of time.

Everything’s falling apart!!!

I found that Google Classroom did a lot of this. After a little trial and (a lot of) error, I came to the conclusion that you CANNOT edit or format your text at all in this LMS. This is a HUGE bummer to me. I’m a visual guy. I like things to look GREAT. If you aren’t allowing me to format and edit things the way I want them to look, then you’re definitely going to lose me.

Bye Bye

I know I’m focusing a lot of attention on this one factor, but as far as aesthetics go, this project could have looked WAY cooler than it does if we were to have used a different LMS. It’s a small mistake that I’m not going to focus more attention on, but it’s definitely something I would CHANGE for next time. So yeah…my verdict: If you don’t mind not having much control over how things look and you just want to get the job done, GOOGLE CLASSROOM is for you baby! But if you’re looking to get fancy (which is what I like to do), then go somewhere else.

I’m out!

The lack of any sort of settings menus really bothered me too. I like to change things around, and this LMS simply does not offer any of this. It’s straight forward…which is obviously a pro, but also a con, depending on who you are I guess.

As for everything else, like I said, Classroom was an easy to use, user-friendly LMS that got the job done.

The biggest thing I took out of this process WAS IN FACT to SHOP AROUND. I’m happy with the content we created, but perhaps a different LMS could have really made things shine a little brighter.

Who doesn’t like shopping?

Overall, I learned that creating modules can be tedious and time consuming work. I applaud anyone who is legitimately implementing blended learning in their classroom. I mean, to create all your units from scratch would simply be insane…you would HAVE to find already made material that you eventually replace with your own over time.

I think if that were to be my sole responsibility in my job (to plan units), I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. But, as we all know, adding teaching to the mix takes away a lot of your time and energy to properly execute these things.

Creating content is quickly becoming something I’m enjoying more and more, and would love to continue doing so as much as possible. I had a blast making my artifact, and am looking forward to completing my summary of learning as well.

Before leaving you all today, here is my artifact for my module that I made for our prototype. I love doing this sort of stuff and am looking forward to doing a lot more of it in my own classroom from now on.

Thanks for reading my post this week and I hope you all have a great weekend!



12 thoughts on “The quirks of using Google Classroom: Finishing up our prototype”

  1. Wow ! First of all – gify explosion ! And second – your artifact is really amazing. 🙂 You combine so many different to put together your artifact. Your art work is amazing. I have no idea how you were able to move your eyebrows and eyes on that one static image. Once again – really impressive !!

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  2. Great blog post! I have been feeling very similar to you in regards to Google Classroom. I love it and I use it constantly in my classrooms for day-to-day teaching. That being said, it is not the best LMS to use when you are doing a blended course or an online course environment – I feel like it is better as an additional piece for face-to-face teaching, something I had not realized prior to completing this project. The maneuverability is definitely a weakness, as I really dislike how you can switch around the assignments and their order. Something to consider for the future, I guess! Thanks for sharing your great, giphy post:)

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  3. Hi Andres! I love your post – very eye-catching with all those gifs! I watched your artefact and was taken back to last summer where you drew for our class too! You are very talented! My partner and I had a similar experience with choosing our LMS platform. I didn’t realize how fortunate we are in our division that we all have these google accounts set up for us and our students. I am interested to hear how those that used other platforms feel about them after putting together their course prototypes.

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  4. I agree with you! I felt the same about Google Classroom. It lacks the visual appeal. It was one of the main reasons we switched our platform. When I was trying to organize our modules and everything, I couldn’t find a way for it to look organized and be easy to navigate.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh man! You guys ended up switching? Kudos to you, I feel like I was in too deep when I came to this revelation hahahha. Not that I’m Super disappointed, I just like things to look as cool and good as possible!


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